Hello Self-Directed Learners!

What is a Self-Directed Learner?

A self-directed learner or SDL is a DOCC 2013 participant who is not formally enrolled in or teaching a current course but who wants to engage with some focus, and even participation, in the DOCC 2013.

Unlike during a MOOC, SDLs will not receive knowledge from DOCC 2013, but rather SDLs will participate in designing and directing their own experiences with DOCC 2013 materials and with other participants.

DOCC 2013: Dialogues on Feminism & Technology is taking place“simultaneously”this fallatBowling Green State University, Brown University, California Polytechnic State University, Colby-Sawyer College, The CUNY Graduate Center, Macaulay Honors College and Lehman College (CUNY), The New School, Ohio State University, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Pennsylvania State University, Pitzer College, Rutgers University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Yale University.  A free and open-to-the-public workshop version of DOCC 2013 is happening in San Antonio, Texas as the FemTechNet ¡Taller!–SDLs on Facebook are encouraged to “like” the !Taller! Page and follow/join activities “there” as possible.

The main DOCC 2013 materials to be shared throughout all FemTechNet’s DOCC 2013 are a series of weekly themed Video Dialogues and Five Key Learning Projects.

On this page, SDLs can find (look to your left):

  Links to the DOCC 2013 Themes [labor, sexuality, race, difference, body, machine, systems, place, infrastructure, archive, transformation]:  Each Theme is linked to information about the subjects of the weekly themed DOCC 2013 Videos.  The  themed videos will be released here on Mondays from September 23 through December 2, 2013.  Exceptions are “Prelude: Technofeminism,” for which there will be no video, and “Place,” which will be a live feed broadcast live and then available as a recorded video.

Suggested syllabi and reading lists from some of the participating DOCC 2013 embodied and online classes

Project ideas and examples from some of the participating DOCC 2013 embodied and online classes

A bibliography of FemTechNet materials compiled from DOCC 2013 syllabi

  Other FemTechNet stuff

And, perhaps most importantly,

  A link to the FemTechNet Google+ site where DOCC 2013 Self-Directed Learner interactivity happens (you’ll have to join Google to partake).

Have fun FemTechNet-ing!

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